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How-To Books Written By John

Woodworker's Guide To Sharpening
(Fox Chapel Publishing)
Turning Wood With
Carbide Tools
(Linden Publishing)
The Building Buddy
(Pronghorn Publishing)
Harvest Your Own
(Linden Publishing)
Bench Planes &
(Linden Publishing)

BTW, listed John’s How to Choose and Use Bench Planes & Scrapers in its
100 Best Woodworking Manuals & Books

Books Featuring John's Work


In addition to the books he has written, many of John's woodshop projects have appeared in dozens of books that also include the work of other designers, builders and authors.
For example, in The Complete Book of Woodworking (Landauer, 2001), he provided the text and images for the section "Introduction To Wood".
The Collins Complete Woodworker (top left) was published under the imprint of the Smithsonian Institution.
The red-covered series (top center) was by the editors of American How-To (that's John's corner cabinet on the front of the top book), and the series at top right (with his clock on the cover) was produced by Fox Chapel Publishing.
The two series shown at left were by Woodworker's Journal. Look really hard and you might be able to find him at the workbench on the cover of the front book in the blue pile. (Nope, that's Waldo...)

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