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We're located in the old City Hall Building in Belle Fourche, South Dakota.
It's a big building with frontage on two streets, so we have two addresses:
The postal address is 606 6th. Avenue,
but the main entrance is around the corner at 518 Grant Street.

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SD Woodworker  
John English

If you're a woodworker (there are about twelve million of us!), and you're visiting the Black Hills, stop in and say hi. We have a workshop (what you city folks call a 'studio'), a store/gallery, and plenty of time to chat. Bring pictures of your projects because I love to steal ideas. Text the number on the sign at left to make sure we're home.

We build custom furniture, turn wood, make gift items and publish local history books. We also supply text and photography to woodworking book and magazine publishers, and publish daily woodworking news on WoodEzine. (Here's an example of a project in Popular Woodworking.) All summer long, woodworkers from every corner of the country stop by and chat - and quite a few from overseas, too. If you've built some of John's magazine projects over the years, don't forget to bring some pictures to share with us.

I love to travel, and here's my favorite quote...
Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts.
Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime.
Mark Twain


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The things that we do...

Hollow forms, bowls, sculptural pieces and architectural elements
Pieces for magazines and private clients
Mostly for publication - good ideas for gift items
Built-ins and freestanding casework
John has built and remodeled houses, garages, decks, barns...
Planes, sharpening, harvesting lumber, turning with carbide tools...
How-to projects, tool reviews and reporting in North America and the U.K.
Copy and content editing, book formatting, page layout
How-to shop photos, beauty shots for covers, studio and assignment
Director of the Black Hills School of Woodworking
We operate a physical store that sells furniture, turings and supplies
Visit our FREE online magazine,

There, you'll find all the latest tools, toys and woodworking news but no fees, passwords or signing in.

Dakota Prairie Woodcarvers
Hay Camp Woodcarvers
Northern Hills Woodworkers' Guild
Rapid City Woodworkers Association
Sioux Falls Woodworking Guild
Siouxland Woodturners
South Dakota Woodcarvers, Inc
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woodworking clubs in South Dakota,
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And if you're going to be in the Black Hills around the Fourth of July, check out the Roundup rodeo
Belle Fourche 100th Roundup Rodeo

Here's a very short video tour of the BHSW workshop...
And the retail store is here...

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